A Different Kind of Carnival

Berlin, Germany: Carnival of Cultures ”Karneval der Kulturen”
from the 10th to 13th  of June.

This carnival is a street celebration, showing Berlin and the world, the extraordinary mixture of ethnic groups living in the German capital a carnival of hope for  a more tolerant City without discrimination.
Here you can find colorful carnival parades, music and dances from different countries,art exhibitions, storytelling, cirquences shows, films and much more.

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Quebec, Canada: Winter Carnival

From the 26th  January to 11th of February.

Despite the cold and snow during the days of Carnival Quebec streets fill with people,ice sculptures from local artists, colored lights and celebration.

The carnival starts with the construction of a large ice castle in the center of the city late saturday night. This castle became the residence of the King holiday snowman Bonhomme.

The carnival was officially inaugurated with the election of the Queen and her sixaccompanying Duchesses and preside over all the festivities with Bonhomme.

Everyone takes part in different activities: canoe races in the icy waters of San Lorenzo, float parades, ice sculptures, winter games, music in the open … all accompanied by a bit of Caribou, the local firewater, for warmth.

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Basel, Switzerland: Fasnacht

From the 14th to 17th of March.

72 straight hours of carnival celebrations in Switzerland, where you will be surprised at the attitude of the town’s fiesta and the Swiss. The carnival tradition is of medieval origin, starts at four o’clock in the morning, the lights all over Basel go off to welcome to the magic of Fasnacht.

Thousands of people fill the streets of downtown to celebrate the Morgenstraich, the start of the biggest party of the city under the dim light of lanterns and the music of fifesand drums.

The Fasnacht burlesque is a huge celebration in which the Basilian advantage to mock the political class and the mistakes that the Swiss politicians  has made during the previous year. The most distinctive character of the carnival are the Waggis, recognizable by their large masks and colorful hair, throw candy, oranges and confetti to children.

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Mohács, Hungary: Busojararas Carnival.

From 19 to 24 February

The key feature of this carnival is the parade of the divers. They are terrifying people dressed in masks and suits of wool or fur of animals and go dancing and singing folk songs through the streets of the city.

The costumes have to be scary because this feast commemorates the time when the inhabitants of Mohács well dressed, tried to expel from the city to the Turkish occupying forces. Today, the carnival serves to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.

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I want to see a Carnival City!

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