Christmas Traditions in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin

There are many different Christmas around the world, here are just 3 we choose:

1. The Washington Christmas Tree, turned on ever year by which ever president is in office a tradition that the populace love. This Washington tradition is one to keep under wraps.

Washington Xmas Tree Christmas Traditions in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin

2. The Largest Christmas Tree in Europe is said to reside in Vilnius and judging by this its pretty huge. It really is no wonder that Lithuania would love it so much , right ?

BigTree Christmas Traditions in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin

3. The Christmas Lantern Art Festival is held in China’s Harbin every year and its very christmas, with over 2000 ice sculptures to gave upon and may many different lanterns to see that light the sky alight.

Harbin  Christmas Traditions in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin


Have a look to more recommendations in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin.

pixel Christmas Traditions in Washington, Vilnius & Harbin

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