IWGT’s favs for 2011

Something is ending and something new is beginning, here are iwannagothere’s favourites from 2011.

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre was a huge hit with us mainly because its in the middle of nowhere yet the effort & creativity envolved was immense. It’s located in Hjerkinn in Norway.

Rein1 big big IWGTs favs for 2011

Eating & Drinking is a favourite past-time of the iwannagothere team and Unit was our drinking location of the year. Situated in Toronto its a neighbour hidden gem making it top of our list.

UNIT 2 big IWGTs favs for 2011

The House Hotel in Istanbul stole our hearts this year mainly because of its gorgeous roof top terrace bar. They just treat you differently than any hotel we have ever heard of or been too. Turkey’s prime location we thinks.

hh2 big IWGTs favs for 2011

And finally our favourite shopping, very hard to choose but we settle on one.

It’s Vintage and it’s called Carousel, its in Dublin, Ireland. We loved the diverse mix of pleasure, love & attention to detail. Carousel also made us feel just wonderful.

Carousel3 big IWGTs favs for 2011


Finally we thought the following Travel Tip is quite important for almost everyone as our Travel Tips Contest Winner Katrina suggested:

There’s many things you need to bring on your travel expeditions but I strongly suggest packing in your own roll of toilet paper… Especially westerners exploring new places cause you never know. Better to be safe than drippy!!

We love everywhere but these items just resonated to us this year.

We wish you a 2012 full of great trips and experiences! icon smile IWGTs favs for 2011

pixel IWGTs favs for 2011

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