Sunny Destinations for Your Honeymoon

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Let’s be honest here. The best part about getting married has nothing to do with the ceremony, the after party, your friends and the gifts. With a bit of work you can get that without having to say “yes” or asking “do you?”

What’s really exciting is the honeymoon. A holiday in which all you need to do is fly somewhere nice and enjoy being in love.

Today the eDreams Travel Blog will give us a few ideas of where to go and what to do.

The Stone Forest (China)

One of the most famous places in the country, this 350 square kilometres rock forest is one of the most romantic places to get lost in with the one your love. The legend says that the forest was a the birthplace of a Ashima, a beautiful woman who wasn’t allowed to marry her lover. In return she turned herself and the forest into stone.

El Bosque de Piedra. China Sunny Destinations for Your Honeymoon

The Valley of the Moon (Brazil)

Is you lover asking you for the moon? Take her or him to the “Vale da Lua”, a rocky area close to the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Brazil and 11 km away from São Jorge. The lunar grey stones are softened and curved by the transparent waters of the São Miguel river, giving the place an out-of-this-world feeling all year long.

Valle de la Luna Brasil. Foto de Loin des yeux en Flickr Sunny Destinations for Your Honeymoon

The coloured thermal waters of Beppu (Japan)

Situated on the Kunisaki Island, Japan and sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, Beppu has nine geothermal hot springs, also known as “the nine hells of Beppu”. The springs contain sulphur and mineral salts, which gives the water a misty feel and a reddish colour.

Aguas Termales de Sangre Japon. Foto de shin Suzuki en Flickr Sunny Destinations for Your Honeymoon

Celeste River (Costa Rica)

The water of this river is so blue you’ll feel like you’ve travelled to Pandora or even the land of the Smurfs. And it’s a blue you’ve never seen before in liquid form, as the colour is given by a the chemical reaction between sulfur and calcium carbonate. The waters of this river are warm and crystal clear and you’ll feel you’re in Paradise.

Rio Celeste Costa Rica. Foto de Vasnic64 en Flickr Sunny Destinations for Your Honeymoon

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