Discover Belarus: A Voyage into the Past

You’re in a city where time seems to have stopped somewhere in the 60s: you’re surrounded by Stalinist sculptures and buildings, typical of the communist era. You look at your clock to make sure it didn’t stop. You try to find a newspaper and make sure you’ve not woken up in a different era.

You are in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Surprised, excited? Let the eDreams Travel Blog guide you through the hidden corners of this peculiar city.

vista de Minsk1 Discover Belarus: A Voyage into the Past


Conquering the City 

Minsk is all a showcase of the former Soviet Union architecture and style: wide avenues, giant buildings, war memorials and Soviet symbols. And yet, if you cross the river you’ll find another side of Minsk, you’ll find a lively, bustling, Baroque eastern European capital.

The main attractions of the capital are: the main avenue, Skakiny Prospect, St. Simon’s Church, the Cathedral of Saint-Dukhavki, The Independence Square and across the Svislach river, the old city centre

While the day is still young, head over to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, a church that functions as an art gallery, where you’ll find a large collection of icons, such as the Saint Mary icon, which is said to be made by St. Luke.

Sant Simon Minsk Discover Belarus: A Voyage into the Past

Want to know what happened to Minsk during World War II? take a stroll through the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. here you’ll see both a Nazi concentration camp model and a section dedicated to Belarusian resistance movement.

The National Library is another not to be missed stop;a 22 floors futuristic building that changes colour depending of the position of the sun.

Precious fishing sites and ancient woodlands in Belarus 

If you’ve come this far, you should know that Belarus is a perfect destination for those who love fishing, as the country has thousands of lakes and rivers ideal for practicing this hobby.

If you travel south from the capital, close to the border with Poland, you’ll discover the ancient woodland Belovezhskaya Pushcha, one of the last remaining parts of the once virgin forests of the Great European Plain.

And these are just a few guidelines, only a few of the things you could do, see, experience in Belarus. The best way to get to know the place is getting a cheap flight, jumping into a plane and experiencing it yourself.


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  1. Sofia Rhodes says:

    Awesome pics.. This seems to be lovely city. and made me excited,Love to visit at least once.

  2. Wandsworth says:

    Beautiful aerial photo and the church.

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